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• A software developer and publisher specializing in electronic forms (eforms) software for any imaginable use.

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• Eforms for the PC are as “EZ” as scan/import - point - click - type - print!
• Greetings and welcome to the EZ-Forms™ Company (EZX Corp.) - a software developer specializing in electronic forms (eforms) software for everyday use and custom applications.

• We produce software that allows you to take almost any existing form (scan, PDF, JPG, BMP, word, spreadsheet, etc.) or create a new one. Then you can fill it in on your computer as simply as placing your cursor and typing. You can then print, save, email, etc. We DO NOT publish or sell paper forms.

EZ-Forms ULTRA EZ-Forms PRO EZ-Forms Express HOME Contact Us EZ-Forms Developer's Edition eForms Library EZ-Forms Home Page FAQ Video Tutorials Manuals TestDrives (demos) Pricing Products EZ-Forms-DD250 EZ-Forms-MSDS EZ-Forms-EXPORT EZ-Forms-REAL (Real Estate - Generic) EZ-Forms-TXRE (Texas Real Estate) EZ-Forms-CARE (California Real Estate) EZ-Forms-NVRE (Nevada Real Estate) EZ-Forms-CORE (Colorado Real Estate) EZ-Forms-Mortgage Related EZ-Forms-7525V (Shipper's Export Declaration) NAFTA (Certificate of Origin) EZ-Forms Contractor (Contractor/Construction Professionals) BCIS (INS) CMS (HCFA) COP (Law Enforcement) Mortgage SBA Developers EZ-Forms Product Line is For Sale Customer List EZ-Forms Viewer (Free) Tech Support Upgrades EZ-Forms ULTRA EZ-Forms PRO EZ-Forms Express PDFtyper Contact Us

• EZ-Forms software is the “EZ” way to letter perfect forms in just a few minutes.
• EZ-Forms is a filler for existing forms (PDFs, images, scans), as well as a designer for custom forms.
• You can even use forms "printed" from your favorite application.
• Eforms are as “EZ” as design/scan/import - point - click - type/fill - print!
• EZ-Wizards make it a breeze! Create or scan your own forms, or quickly import PDF documents. Enter your own data, save, print, modify, etc. Millions of free PDF forms and documents are available by simply searching the internet or created your own with available tools. EZ-Forms allows you to fill, save, print, and share them.

•Need help deciding which version of EZ-Forms is right for you? Contact Us (click here).

• Our products include: (Please scroll down the page.)

• EZ-Forms-ULTRA™ • The Ultimate Eforms Solution! • Includes all of the features of EZ-Forms-PRO plus ... • Includes a powerful DataBase Engine for effective forms management. • Has every EZ-Forms feature available... More
EZ-Forms-PRO™ • Eforms for the Professional - “EZ” for the novice • Visual eforms creation from scratch, import scans and graphic images, PDFs too, fixed fields, spreadsheet style math, encryption, entry validation, pick lists, overlay printing to pre-printed forms, data import/export to txt files, command line options, type (fill out on screen), print, save, etc. Works with TWAIN compliant scanners and millions of available documents (forms, contracts, proposals, reports, etc.) ... More
EZ-Forms EXPRESS™ • The easiest and quickest EZ-Forms. • • • eForms in minutes.
• • Quick and "EZ" ... Import Scans and Graphic images, (.PDFs too), Type (fill out on screen), Print, Save, etc. Works with TWAIN compliant scanners and millions of available documents (forms, contracts, proposals, reports, etc.)... More
PDFtyper™ • Specifically designed to type onto existing PDFs, whether they are fill-able, or not. • Quick and "EZ" ... Open existing PDF, Type (fill out on screen), Print, Save, etc. Works with millions of available PDF (Portable Document Format) documents (forms, contracts, proposals, reports, etc.)... More
EZ-Forms-DD250 (WinDD250, EZ-DD250) • Filler, printer, viewer for the popular Material Inspection Receiving Report (with Barcodes) - the DD250 and other DoD forms... More
EZ-Forms-EXPORT (ExportPower, EZ-Export) • Filler, printer, viewer for the export related forms (Pro Forma Invoice, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, NAFTA CoO, Shipper's Letter of Instructions, Dock Letter, Dock Receipt, 7525-V Shipper's Export Declaration, Ocean-Airway Bill of Lading, Straight Bill of Lading, and Canada Customs Invoice). • Many Canada-to-USA and USA-to-Canada (former Tower Group, FedEx) specific forms included! ... More
EZ-Forms-MSDS • Filler, printer, viewer for the 16 part Material Safety Data Sheet... More
• Looking for 7525v (Shipper's Export Declaration) forms required by the USA Department of Commerce - U.S. Census Bureau - Economics and Statistics Administration - Bureau of Export Administration for export shipments? More
• Looking for NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) related forms? More
(Texas Real Estate) • Filler, printer, viewer for TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) approved forms, including inspections... More
EZ-Forms Contractor™ • Specifically designed for Contractors, Construction and Real Estate Inspection Professionals. • • Filler, printer, viewer for construction related forms... More
EZ-Forms Mortgage™ • Specifically designed for Mortgage, Loan and Banking related Professionals. • • Filler, printer, viewer for mortgage related forms... More
(Real Estate - Generic) • Filler, printer, viewer for Real Estate related forms. Good for most real estate transactions and inspections... More
(California Real Estate) • Filler, printer, viewer for California real estate related forms... More
(Nevada Real Estate) • Filler, printer, viewer for Nevada real estate related forms... More
(Colorado Real Estate) • Filler, printer, viewer for Colorado real estate related forms... More
EZ-Forms Viewer and Printer (Free)
• Views and prints eforms processed by EZ-Forms. Share eforms created or filled with EZ-Forms via email, web pages, etc. with anyone, anywhere... More
eForms Library for use with EZ-Forms Express, ULTRA.

• Note: A regi$tered edition of EZ-Forms-Express or EZ-Forms-ULTRA is required.
• 900 ready-to-use eforms of all types available for download or on optional CD.
• Download access is included free with certain editions of EZ-Forms.
• Including: BCIS (USA Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, formerly Immigration and Naturalization Service; INS),  CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, formerly Health Care Finance Administration, HCFA), COP (Various law enforcement related forms), Address Book, Archival List, Balance Sheet, Boilerplate Notes, Bookkeeping System, Business and Corporate Forms 1, Business, Calendars, Cash Flow Projection, Colorado Real Estate Forms, Colorado Employment Form, Construction Inspection Related Forms Set, Criminal Investigations, Daily Vehicle Utilization Report, DD250-1_TankBargeOnly_MIRR, DS-1950 Dept of State Employment App, Enforce Support Order, engineering ECO, Estate Planning Forms, Fax Memo, Forms_Pack_2_WithOut_Fields, Government DD and SF Forms, GSA1458 Motor Vehicle Shop Work, GSA300 Order for Supplies and Services, GSA49 Requisition Procurement Request for Equipment, Supplies or Services, Inventory, Invoice, Irs_990, Mortgage Fannie Mae, MortGage_Related_11x8_5, MortGage_Related_8_5x11, MortGage_Related_8_5x14, MSDS_16part_Color, OF-612 (was SF171), OSHA+MSDS, OWS Office of Workforce Security, Proposal (generic), SBA Forms - Business, Straight Bill of Lading, Texas (LA, CA) Real Estate Forms, Time and Attendance Record, Time Sheets, UCC Financing Statement, W2-2001, Weekly Time Record ... more.

Conversions - PDF, DOC, Image, Word, Almost anything printable, Conversion, Custom Design, Scanning services. Gets you going quickly.
EZ-Forms Custom, Label, Private Label and Source Code Editions
Authors-Developers-Programmers - Market/distribute/sell via EZX.
• EZX Corp., the EZ-Forms Company is located in Houston/Webster, Texas.
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MISSION - Our mission is to provide the innovations required to ease work flow in anticipation of a truly paperless world. EZX is strategically placed to assist everyone in converting to electronic forms and commerce. EZX has been (since 1986), and is the pioneer software developers and integrators of electronic forms and systems in the world. From our simple form type-over and fill-in applications, to our government, safety and export documentation special applications, we understand forms and how to convert them to stand-alone electronic applications for anyone.
EXPERTISE - We have the expertise to create custom systems for whatever your enterprise - business, insurance, real-estate, industrial, research, law enforcement, government, etc.
The demand to move from paper based commercial systems to electronic based systems is at the heart of our technologies. We are uniquely positioned to ease the transition. As paper forms fade away like the typewriter, electronic form transactions will become the norm.
SOLUTIONS - (1) With the EZ-Forms product line, anyone can create a simple form from scratch or convert existing forms into virtual paper. You can also  print traditional paper forms completely and perfectly or overlay data onto pre-printed forms. (2) Conversion of PDFs and other electronic documents for a true eForms solution is easy. (3) Companies no longer have to use paper (multi-part) forms to send any of their documents. We have solutions that allow you to send fully functional forms anywhere in the world - instantly.
EASY, QUICK - We realize that forms can be a real pain in the you-know-what. Therefore, we have strived to relieve this discomfort by making EZ-Forms quick, easy and fun to use.
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MISSION - eforms everywhere • EXPERTISE - since 1986 SOLUTIONS - all kinds - simple, custom PDF FRIENDLY - import PDF (Adobe™ Acrobat, GhostScript, pdfFactory, etc.) fill & save EASY, QUICK - ~2 min. learning curve. QUESTIONS? - Contact/Email (click) Us

• Visual Eforms (electronic forms) as “EZ” as scan, type, print!
“... ~ 2 minute learning curve with EZ front panel wizards ...”

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• Eforms for the PC are as “EZ” as scan/import - point - click - type - print!

• MISSION - eforms everywhere • EXPERTISE - since 1986 • SOLUTIONS - all kinds - simple, custom • PDF FRIENDLY - import PDF ( Adobe™ Acrobat, GhostScript, pdfFactory, etc.) fill & save • EASY, QUICK - <2 min. learning curve. • QUESTIONS? - Contact (click) Us

EZ-Forms ULTRA EZ-Forms PRO EZ-Forms Express HOME Contact Us EZ-Forms Developer's Edition eForms Library EZ-Forms Home Page FAQ Video Tutorials Manuals TestDrives (demos) Pricing Products EZ-Forms-DD250 EZ-Forms-MSDS EZ-Forms-EXPORT EZ-Forms-REAL (Real Estate - Generic) EZ-Forms-TXRE (Texas Real Estate) EZ-Forms-CARE (California Real Estate) EZ-Forms-NVRE (Nevada Real Estate) EZ-Forms-CORE (Colorado Real Estate) EZ-Forms-Mortgage Related EZ-Forms-7525V (Shipper's Export Declaration) NAFTA (Certificate of Origin) EZ-Forms Contractor (Contractor/Construction Professionals) BCIS (INS) CMS (HCFA) COP (Law Enforcement) Mortgage SBA Developers EZ-Forms Product Line is For Sale Customer List EZ-Forms Viewer (Free) Tech Support Upgrades EZ-Forms ULTRA EZ-Forms PRO EZ-Forms Express Contact-Phone-Email-Us

• Click here for more information (quotations, procedures, etc.) Credit Card Orders, upgrades, Multi-user, Site, LAN, Regional, Corporate (Enterprise-Wide), Developer, Custom Label and Private Label Licensing, etc.
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 EZX was founded in 1986 with the introduction of our initial product, called EZ-Forms (actually introduced in 1985 by a predecessor company called Enerco Associates). · EZX now publishes many forms automation products and provides Eforms automation services.

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